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Citizen funding choices

Saving 1% of water intentionally

Develop the property across from City Hall to demonstrate Affordable Housing possibilities. Where various beliefs, abilities, races, orientations, financial resources, nationalities, cultures have roles to play.

I agree the rich should be taxed more. I don't believe that wealth determines character. It is working with the wealthy where we will all achieve the greatest benefits. Many of the world's leading philanthropists are in Seattle. We can communicate with them collectively.There are significant lessons to be learned exploring what a metropolitan population does with one thousand dollars for every man, woman and child to allocate for the public good. That would be about three quarters of a billion dollars if every one participates. If Seattle We can was prepared for the possibility the opportunity will come. I don't see why there wouldn't be financial support from the philanthropic community. A significant fraction of Seattle government's annual budget.

There are people to whom I've spoken who do not believe that the general population has the understanding to allocate funds in a manner which is effective and beneficial for us all. It must be noted that there are many different ways for a flower to blossom. To add further value many jobs will be created with positive economic results.

The changes Seattle makes are as much about form as about function. We can forward quickly and make fast improvements all over, like lifting all the weight you can all the time. But the strain will begin to show and the effort will be dropped next year for another new idea to take out for a quick test drive. The longer term benefits will be when the City of Seattle, with the concerted effort of the team of government employees is again reducing water consumption by one percent per year. They are also reducing carbon emissions by one percent per year.

The one thousand dollar per person contributions have decreased in Seattle but benefits have still been growing. And other metropolitan areas have been using the technique with growing success as well. 

It's a far-fetched idea but not at all impossible. Of course laying down a successful balloting and distribution structure will take resources. It is worth thinking about. It is challenging to decide what to do when given a fortune. You could say charitable work but which charities and what work? Which would be excluded? This is the Progressive, outside-the-box thinking I will bring to the Seattle City Council.

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