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How is everyone? Okay? Good.

My name is Eric Smiley and I'm running for seat 9 on the Seattle City Council.

I'm taking a progressive approach which will pursue:

More affordable housing through Mother-in-Law units, higher density and smaller square footage regulations, property designs allowing more diverse groups to share common ground.

Free early childhood education. This has more impact on kid's lives than anything else. All children (and working parents) would benefit greatly from having daycare and preschool available. 

A safe Seattle which can appreciate the professional work of our Police Department. Public safety is needed to enjoy city life. Anything less than professional puts the public at risk. And our brave officers at risk too. It is important for officers not to lose their mission standards. We must help.

Civil rights not subject to the whims political retoric. All beliefs, abilities, races, orientations and nationalities should be welcomed here. And not afraid of the knock on the door.

The continuation of collective healthcare. Preparing in case this becomes our responsibility would be a good idea.

And being able to live without the burden of a car. A car is a child who never grows up. It has to be fed, housed, washed, taken in for service. More and more. We all are healthier if a car isn't needed. We could work on this.

That is some of what I will pursue.

Is it possible?

I worked a flower kiosk on the quad at Occidental College back in the day. A student stopped by and talked about the world.

"Is it possible a black man could become president?" he asked

"I don't see why not" and I explained how.

He said he might try.

"I'm Barry.... Barack" we shook hands

"Nice to meet you Barry Barack" I said

In 2010 I remembered him.

He sent me a letter last year "take pride in the way you have touched lives over the course of your career"

My name is Eric Smiley and I am asking the 46th District Democrats to endorse me for seat 9 on the Seattle City Council.

Thanks for opportunity to speak tonight.

I brought a few copies of that letter.

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